Vegas Gangster Theft Game - Grand Crime City Mod


Welcome to the criminal world of Vegas. A grand crime game full of action and spying theft missions. Now it’s your time to unleash the fear and save innocent citizens of san andreas city. Fight against to this modern unborn darkness mission. Fight evil gang rivals in open world game and make the end of survival in miami city. You need to build a criminal underworld empire where you can crush and shoot the mafia rivals. In this criminal world, you have a golden chance to join a gang and show a real city of gangsters. The one who is the real boss in this crime city. In this real mafia crime sim game, you can fight with city gang rivals and rule the streets of miami in this action packed city adventure.
This is a high level mission game in the criminal world of vegas. The main duty in this crime mission game is to complete every criminal mission with high score. You are a part of city gang which has special gang team. Your mission is to attack on criminal people of city and take control of whole crime city. You have a golden chance to become most dangerous city fighter who is wanted in many of murder cases. Download this real mafia shooter game and become the real time theft city fighter around the world.
This grand game is an open world game in which you will experience the extreme critical action of mafia in the whole city. You can show all critical shooting and fighting skills in city gangs battle in the beach of San Andreas. This real crime game will sharpen your gangster skills and overcome the fear of facing the threats of evil gangsters of the vegas city. During fighting with city gangs, you need to be ready for a critical mission against crime lords of real crime gangs. The game is all about a gangster gives you a real chance to drive a quad bike, super luxury cars and super cars. You are the one who is super hero combat fighter in the downtown city like a super hero. Your criminal crown skills and brave challenger heart makes you perfect to aim and fire in this critical offensive strike war situation.
In this game, you can experience the escape of prisoner gangster feelings. Suppose you are under arrest by police and you have been sentenced to prison for 14 years. During jail your crime life mission is to escalate from jail. Security of jail is high alert so be careful while you try to escape from the jail. Use professional criminal mind and robbery skills to break a jail and move out from prison. Beat down other city gangsters and mafia robbers with real-time fighting and defending controls. Go head to head versus city gangsters from all around the world and become a real urban gangster in the world of city crime games.
After a long struggle you are out from jail and become a big bad boy gangster which is involved in high level auto theft robbery and many crimes. Now it is time to face the critical survival mission in police mode. Show your real drifting modern car driving skills and combat skills against police cob in evil destroyer mission. This is the most amazing and action packed real time game play with multiple robbery vehicles. Enjoy the thrill and adventure of fighting with mad city heroes. Take revenge from pub gangsters but don’t involve with city police in this simulation game.
- Play this real gangster game without wifi
- Realistic criminal scenes and amazing weather condition in vegas.
- Get the fun of free moving in city
- Different controls for attacking, shooting and running.
- Smooth Controls for mobile
- Action packed missions.

Information and Requirements


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