Monday, May 21, 2018

Journey Of Sun Wukong Mod


Build your own epic hero in "Journey Of Sun Wukong" and join the most exciting adventures in history!
Sun wukong's adventures have begun. Overly dangerous paths and monsters, help him overcome these pitfalls and dangers. Simple but challenging adventure, it is difficult to master.
The evil army launched a war . The dragon was also demonizing . They were extremely cruel . Blood made them feel crazy . At this time , the respected hero , you need to take up arms , fight for justice and peace for the world .
Defeat all the monsters , called the epic hero , explore the collapse of the monster world , enjoy good quality comparable to the host of the game , but to experience new combat system to get started , you will not be idle , a thrilling battle will make you too busy to attend to all ! Hero is back , abandon the cozy life, in order to prevent the monster from the kingdom of hegemony and start the ARPG battle !
Many tasks:
+ Save the survivors
+ The specified number of monsters, and beat the evil dragon warrior
+ Destroy the enemy defense tower
+ Defend our crystal
+ An exciting BOSS battle
Game features:
+ The role of a variety of attributes: Kung Fu young, Monkey + King, soldier of the future as you choose
+ Arpg's powerful battle map
+ High quality audio-visual fighting feast
+ Unprecedented highest degree of freedom Arpg

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