Thursday, November 1, 2018

Cartoon Dungeon VIP : Age of cartoon Paid


■ Your Heroes continue to battle even while you are away!
■ Indie Game Heroes become Guardians!
■ Famous characters from books!
■ Dual support for both Landscape and Portrait mode play!
■ VIP version benefits: Reward 100 gems + Remove benner.
(Compensation video ads will not be removed.)
■■■■■Game Introduction■■■■■
■Indie game characters appear from Books!
1. Indie Avengers Dungeon: Infinite Stairs, The Prince Billy Bob, Cartoon 999, Infinity Dungeon, Buff Knight
2. A Girl Adrift Dungeon: Legendary Fish, A Girl Adrift, Drunken Pirate Jack
Google Play’s popular developer DAERISOFT's new stand-alone RPG!
Adults and children alike will love this cartoon RPG!
If you like cartoons, download it now!
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■■■■■Game Features■■■■■
■Feel the power like never before!
Play with the Indie Avengers, the main characters from famous indie games!
■Landscape mode, portrait mode Dual support!
When battle begins, turn to landscape mode!!
Super cool battles in landscape mode.
Select the desired mode for play.
■Camera Zoom function added!
Customize the size of the screen to fit your mood!!
■Become stronger by contracting Guardians!
Summon the Ultimate Guardians from the Books.
The more you train Guardians, the stronger their Attack!
■When you are busy, just turn it on, it will play automatically!
This is a mandatory RPG game for the busy modern life!
The valuable reviews that you leave behind are great for the developers ^^
Rate the Wulin comic now!!!
DaeriSoft's games will continue!

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*** Do not re-upload the mods without asking me. Be aware!

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