Hello Summer Beach VR Paid


PLEASE NOTE: Walk and Jump only in your place for actual walking and jumping in the VR environment.
For BEST play experience, keep the sound on at all times.
Stroll the shore, stand inside the ocean and watch how real the waves feel. Walk the heavenly garden and explore, watch peacocks, flamingoes, toucans and more. The genuinly realistic feel of the environment and the ocean deliver an incredibly soothing sensation ! Summer all year round at the comfort of your very own private beach.
Enjoy the guided meditation. Let meditation embrace you in its comforting tranquility.
Easily recover from stess and fatigue.
Savour the sights and the sounds of your own perfect beach.
Best Beach VR is your perfect getaway for an incredibly fun gameplay and relax.
::: HOW TO PLAY :::
Slide your device into the VR glasses / VR box / Google cardboard
Walk in place to walk and Jump in place to jump in the VR environment
Walk into the light pillars to trigger the game's main menu, make a selection by gazing at your choice.
Free roam, sit and relax, explore, find and meditate
Dive from heights right into the ocean
Access any place in the VR world by actual walking and jumping in place
Best Beach VR is compatible with any DIY VR headset, as well as, with VR Box, VR Glasses, Google Cardboard and many others
Install now and take on your own VR adventure!
You must immediately stop playing or using your VR gadget in case of motion sickness or if you feel nauseous or dizzy.

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*** Do not re-upload the mods without asking me. Be aware!


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