Friday, March 1, 2019

Until Dead - Think to Survive Mod


Until Dead is here! Create strategies for this mysterious zombie apocalypse packed with action!
Until Dead is a puzzle game with turn-based mechanics and tactical combat. In this game, you control John Mur, a fearless detective and explorer. With your skills, he can survive in a chaotic world where large portions of humanity have mysteriously turned into zombies. Help John Mur find clues and go on a great adventure to find answers and shed light on this mystery. But be careful! You'd better think if you want to survive.
- Logical mechanics from tabletop games adapted to an innovative mobile experience.
- Simultaneous turns for a dynamic gameplay experience.
- Collect clues and open new paths for more challenges.
- Create your puzzles in Creation Mode and share them with players from all over the world.
- Think more to survive longer.
- The shortest path is not always the best one.
- Explore and gain bonuses!
- Use your skills to find brilliant solutions for each puzzle!
- Patience can be your best friend.

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