Friday, May 24, 2019

Star Link Puzzle– Pokki PoP Quest Mod


★ Match-3 Link Puzzle Game - Star Link Puzzle★
★ Rescue the Stars and restore the constellations!★
★Game Play
Connect 3 or more Pokkies.
Connect more Pokkies to create spirits.
Use the spirits to rescue the Pokkies.
Tap the Pokkies quickly during Pokki Time to gain extra points!
Test your skills against the various mission stages.
Anyone can enjoy this easy game play style.
Experience the fun and thrill of one touch drawing.
Can be played offline without data.
Try out the Stage, Time mode and Move modes.Rush mode
★Stage Mode
Challenge the 400 stages.
★Move Mode
Score the highest points within limited moves.
★Time Mode
Score the highest points within limited time.
★Rush Mode
Challenge the higest levels!
★combo Mode
Challenge the higest score!
- Achievements and leaderboard supported via Google Play Games.
- Pokki Pop is a free-to-play game, but has optional in-app purchases.
▶ We collect information about Google+ accounts for the gamers' logins.
▶ The account information is used to send you Pokki Pop puzzle's event news and information with push messages.

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*** Credit for the mod: TigerOMs (offlinemods)

*** Don't modify the toast to make it yours. If you are about to leech this mod without leaving a credit then...f*ck you, leechers!

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