Under Heroes - Digging Game mod



Under Heroes is a VERY ADDICTIVE tapping game with colorful 2D pixel art. Keep digging through blocks and earn huge amount of gold! Explore the world and make famous landmarks rise!
Colorful pixel art everywhere! Build unique villas for a beautiful princess with our heroes. Tap the screen and dig with the heroes to earn a lot of gold, and use this gold to build pixel art versions of famous landmarks all around the world. This is an ADDICTIVE tapping game everyone can enjoy!
Let's Dig!
Pets are coming to Under Heroes! Each cute Pets have very unique and useful effects that helps you dig more. They can be bought with rubies. Collect all three of them!

★ Features:
• VERY ADDICTIVE Gameplay that will keep you playing for hours - Tap the screen and Dig!
• Build most famous landmarks from all around the world! Sphinx, Merlion, Statue of Liberty and many more!
• Colorful 2D Pixel Art Graphics that keeps you entertained!
• Collect lots and lots of Gold coins and Treasure boxes!
• Beautiful huge World Map to view your landmarks!
• Cute Miners and Pets that will keep you addicted for hours on end!

★ User Reviews:
"Great Time Killer, one of the greatest clicker game I have ever played!" - AidawesomeGaming
"Very interesting concept! I can even sync up my data from the cloud so I can play everywhere!" - Hunter Squyres
"Amazing game and great new update, now there are super useful Pets. Must get them all...!" - R. Will

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