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For those of you who love to play the game Naruto Senki, you should try this. With the name of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 By Cevrin Dio, using the version v2.0 Apk. You will get an exciting game that featured a lot of very interesting new characters. It can be seen from the following screenshot image. Another character can try your own after you install.


Rinnegan Rikudou Naruto Modes: replace animal path
Menma: replace asura path
Deidara ET: clincher new but Chinese people who make
Rinnegan Naruto Bijuu Mode: replace Deva path
Hashirama Mokuryu: replace Garaa
Minato Biju mode: has china, but was remake
Sasuke the last: Have Guntur W, Already Caves Remake
Itachi with Naruto: Time of make Susanoo Naruto out
Naruto 4 tails: replace Jiraiya
Raikage: By Ilham ahmad
Killer bee: replace Kakashi, By Kirana
Sasori: Ilham Ahmad, with dolls “
Kakuzu: Ilham ahmad
Killer Bee: replace Kimimaro
Minato anbu: This has forgotten who, already cave remake
Nagato ET: Have Sensei in china
Naruto Menma Bijuu Mode: replace naruto, when using Rasenshuriken turned into Menma
Mokuton Neji: This has forgotten who
Naruto Rinnegan mode: Replace Pain
Naruto Six path: already Fix, Special Jutsu Rasengan Amaterasu
Akatsuki Sasuke: Somewhat bad: because the trigger rush
Yamato: Already in FIX
Madara Rikudo: Have Newbie Selamanya
Obito With masked: By Newbie Selamanya


Naruto Rikudou
Naruto 4 Tails
Sasuke aktsuki
Sasuke the last
New FP Bar
New Menu
New UI
New Map
New Background

Thanks to Cevrindio, Ilham Ahmad, Newbie forever, Guntur W, And Much More for Vanilla version.

This version has some changes in its images.

Information and Requirements


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  1. pleaae +add character han and skills kokuo 5 Tails

    1. there is no way to add this character cuz I can only do what is available


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