Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Gun Fu: Stickman 2 Mod


Armed with dual pistols, take control of the famous Stickman from the "Gun Fu" series and blast through hordes of enemies!
Reflexes and reaction times will be challenged as the never-ending onslaught gets faster and faster!
Unlock more deadly guns and outfits, and customize your Stickman to suit your style!
Hone your skills then go online in multiplayer and claim victory against players around the world!
Start with Pistols and the Paintball Gun, and earn coins to unlock the Shotgun, Lazorz, Uzis, Rocket Launcher, AK47, Magnum, Ninja Stars, Tommygun, Crossbows, Sniper Rifle, Minigun, Sawcannon, Blunderbuss, Speargun, Slingshot, and Alien Rifle!
Unlock achievements and increase your rank on the leaderboards with Google Play Games!
Download for FREE today!
*We make use of the EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions to provide you with 'score card' graphics at the end of your game rounds

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*** Credit for the mod: TigerOMs (offlinemods)

*** Don't modify the toast to make it yours. If you are about to leech this mod without leaving a credit then...f*ck you, leechers!

Older version: Gun Fu: Stickman 2 1.25.3 Mod

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