War Task:Survive mod



【Single Games】
Tank barrage + RTS + survival challenge!
Use simple, very cool!
With the global players to challenge the world record!
【Development State】
Independent developers, full-time development 12 months.
Checking and remake a new game!
For free! More simple! Look better! More generous! More surprise!
Future versions: More readily? More interactive?
We very love tanks,RTS,TD,Survival challenge games,also love other good games!
Then with my friend full-time make the War Task in 9 months,and released version1.0.0 in 2016-1-21.
Just like much independent developers,it’s bag and very difficult!
We thought much about our first game,our probloms and how to perfect it.
We found much about games and our team.
We trust never put a bag game to our players,just perfect it!
We try did everything about War Task.
Now the new game is released after 3 months.
Players never played games like the War Task.We love it and trust it can take the new funs to world.
Now the ‘War Task – survive’ : More simple! Look better! More generous! More surprise!

Information and Requirements


*** Do not re-upload the mods without asking me. Be aware!

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