Dragon X Fighter: Dark Storm Mod



The peace did not last long, i mean Z -day is coming, the devils came back to earth, they outnumber and more ferocious, they attack our planet at the same time.You are legend who half is human and half is legend Dragon. Our plannet needs your help, fight with many enemies and transform into SS... Kill all of them to protect our familes. ...We need you, my legend...
You can TRANSFORM and control the Super Hero with the strongest power. You will have chance to use special skills and Spirit Bomb .Really cool, right?
Left Punch - Press to Left attacks.
Right Punch - Press to Right attacks.
Use Special Skill to kill enemies.
Kill enemies to transform, first transform is 100.
Collect MP by killing enemies to Range attack and other special skills, tranform SS.
Collect Ball to upgrade ( now upgrade is disable, it'll come soon in next update)
- Status & Skill Upgrade system.
- Many strong Boss.
- 2D graphic and nice sound effect.

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