Flying Arrow Mod



Having come home from a long war, our hero cannot recognize his homeland. Bandits attack merchants and villages, wild wolves roam the woods and civilians are fleeing their homes, being hunted by monstrous creatures at night. Bring back peace and prosperity to your native kingdom!

Our hero was not sent by the gods, but his aim is true, and his quiver is full of deadly arrows.

Use an entire arsenal of weapons and the skills taught to you by war. Bows, Arbalests, knives, bombs, potions and powerful abilities. Destroy your enemies.

Game Features:

• Wide choice of weapons: Bows, Arbalests, knives, freeze bombs and fire potions, and special archery skills;
• A unique game world consisting of several locations in several chapters;
• Upgradable weapons and skills;
• Character development and customizable armor;
• Over 17 types of enemies;
• Hilarious dialogue;
• Regular updates, additional missions and game modes.


How to play:

- Tap the screen to shoot;
- Drag items from Potion Bar in order to throw them;
- Change weapons on left bar;
- Apply special abilities to increase damage;
- Use Armory for upgrading and acquiring equipment.

Information and Requirements


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