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Once upon a time, at a village, the people were really miserable by a greedy mandarin. A hero appears, he decimated that mandarin. Therefore, hero’s mother was under arrest by court to bully hero into expiating his crime. He knew that from an old man. From that, he became Ninja. He decided to stand out for rescuing his mother.
Ninja rescues Mother is the knight-errant genre game. It’s so interesting. Let get right inside a super Ninja’s character to rescue mother.
You’ve got to carefully control Ninja to pass 7 maps. It’s also 7 levels in game. The difficulty levels will gradually increase. You’ve got to use well the fighting skills such as running, jumping, and using dart and sword so that you can finish your duty to rescue mother. In each map, when you finish you will meet a guide. That person will guide you to next place to save mother. On the road, you let collect the gold coin as well as decimate monsters as many as possible. It will help you to upgrade your Ninja.
With 7 different levels, you’ve got to control carefully Ninja to pass over all of impediments. They consist of abysms, dangerous animals, monsters, sentinels, soldiers, etc. You should often practice to wonderful skills.
When you hoard enough “Mana”, you can use the especial skill for Ninja. Especial Skill will help you to decimate “Boss” easily. Beside, Shop will provide Ninja with armor. You also can upgrade Ninja’s weapon. Especially, you are able to pay money so that you can equip the essential things for Ninja.
Let show your talent on the online ranking.
Let’s make the marvelous things with “Ninja Hero-The Super Battle”!!!
Ninja Hero The Super Battle...Let's fight hard to win glory...Let's action now!

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