Sniper Fatal Shot Mod


sniper fatal shot is a shooting action game.
One of the best first person shooter action game! To be the best professional sniper shooter in every environment!
Hold your breath, pull sniper trigger, give the enemy a kill shot, claim million cashes, to be a millionaire sniper killer.
Use ammo and kill insane enemies at a distance before they aim at you.
Find a safe cover, load your rifle, take first shot carefully before the enemy is not aware of your presence.
Once you pull sniper trigger, you'll never get peace before eliminate all assassins.
Hundreds of missions to complete: rescue hostages, kill terrorists, clear dangerous bravo shot area, search for army sniper shooter and so on.
No turning back! Let's begin the onslaught. Make sure to keep well focused.
Wish you good luck and save your people.

Key features:
Start game with ak-47, buy a more powerful or upgrade your gun/rifle as required
Wisely use your sniper scope to aim terrorists
Free download and free gameplay
Remember to reload your rifle during battle

Information and Requirements


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