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Have you heard of this site:

It is a heaven of phones' stuff from applications, tricks, games, etc. You can learn a lot from it.
However, if you want to download anything then it requires you to log in (of course you have to have an account here). And you did try registering and logging in. What happened? Failed? LOL.
So what is the problem here? It is the CAPTCHA verification!

What is the secret?

The captcha codes are just numbers written in Russian with no spaces, they are made from 4 digits.
For example: 1950 - it is written like this "onethousand ninehundred fifty".

So you job is to know how the numbers are written in Russian. Read the guide below if you want to register a new account on

Numbers are equal to these "symbols":

Now you need to look for this characters in your security code, start with the thousands, than hundred, tens and finally the single digits.

By knowing or comparing the numbers and the "symbols" above you can see that the number in the image is 8691

Red - восемь тысяч (8000)
Yellow - шестьсот (600)
Blue - девяносто (90)
Purple - один (1)

Make it easier!

  • Some of the letters used in Russian language can be written in several ways like: Б=б, so what you see in the image may not be written exactly as the list of numbers here. 
  • When you try to log in, refresh the page a few times until you'll see an easier captcha image. 
  • The numbers in the images start with Uppercase letters so you can easily see where a word starts and where it ends. 
  • Look for the first 2 and last 2 characters in a number, this makes it faster to find the number. 
  • Remember the order: 4 digits, 3 digits, 2 digits and last 1 digit. 


In the past, you had to enter the captcha even you were trying to log in the site. In the present, you only need to enter these nasty captcha codes once you want to register a new account.

Although it still asks users to enter the codes to log in, or in case you forget your password or enter a wrong codes, 4pda will send you an email with a link that will automatically authenticate you on the site. You just need to enter your username and password and leave captcha field blank, and check the box labeled "Я не могу ввести ответ" (I can not enter an answer). You will receive an email containing the link that will authenticate you on the forum.

Hope you enjoy the time on the site!

If you know any other way to by-pass the "wall" then please be free to leave a comment and we will much appreciate it. Thank you for reading.

The tutorial is achieved from

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