Zombie Infinity War VIP Mod



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The best killing time game
Provide a sense of cool blow. The vase is covered with a radiator. The tank is crushed. The gun is shot.
Explode with a mine, burst into bombs, and knock ~ in various ways!
Protect the survivors and cool off the various zombies constantly coming!
Challenge catching 100 million zombies! I do not know if it's possible, but there are over 100 billion achievements.
Compete against your friends and achieve your achievements with Google achievements and leaderboards!
Upgrade your guns. Multi-shot with increasing power
The various missiles from the auxiliary guns as they upgrade
Ride the tank and cool off the zombies! Powerful power is waiting!
Rescue the survivors and get plenty of rewards!
As the stage progresses, the zombies become more numerous!
But zombie slaughter pleasure that becomes stronger and cooler!
Hit it all! With a gun!
 * Q / A in game (it will be updated then)
- Google Cloud Storage / Loading Guide
    : * Even if your phone is changed via Google Cloud Storage, you can use it as it is
      * Google Cloud Storage / Load is not automatically saved / loaded as an add-on. The default storage is stored in your mobile phone.
      * There are two default storage slots. If both are saved, you will need to erase one and save it when you save. (It is not overwritten.) By all means! Please note! Data loss caused by user carelessness can not be restored. (There is no way.)
 - New mode (Time Attack - Go far), for advanced users.
  : Since 1.0.7, the new time attack - far-away mode is for medium and advanced users. It's fun to play and upgrade your weapon in any game. ^^ At first, there are mistakes.
 Limit time Within 60 seconds, push the red line as far up as possible and measure how far you are going, so you will be compensated for the amount of gold in proportion to the distance. ^^ A new mode of zombie warriors who are burdened with the protection of survivors! Time Attack - Play the far-away mode! ^^
 (The new mode will be updated continuously.)
 - About auxiliary cloth
  : Secondary Four Change is dealt speed and speed random instead of consuming 1 gem.
 In case of damage, the maximum value increases with the level of the main weapon. If you upgrade the main weapon and change, you can acquire a weapon with much higher attack power. (Continuous replacement required)
 And the secondary weapon upgrade on the left side is an addition to the basic attack and speed of the auxiliary weapon, so you can raise it when you can afford it.
In the case of auxiliary foil, it protects itself at low level, but when it becomes high level, it exerts powerful ability of automatic attack level.
 * If you run out of games after the game is over, you can end the game completely
 * Game in progress. Please do not release the internet. This game is linked with Google login, so you may need to turn off the internet in the middle and re-install the game after error. (Enjoyed data can not be recovered.)
 * For all other inquiries, please contact leeraki@gmail.com.

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*** Do not re-upload the mods without asking me. Be aware!

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