Battle Of Akatsuki Ninja Revenge Mod



Do you like ninja fighting game? Do you like the strong power of all akatsuki member?Let play the most fantastic game of this series: Akatsuki Revenge.Akatsuki is a special group with many strong characters such as Itachi, Pain, Obito, Kisame v.v.. They are old member of konoha village.Each characters has individual skills such as sharingan, rinnegan, susanoo…They always fighting agains konoha and purpos to kill all hokage and shinobi ninja here. After defeat by naruto, sasuke, kakashi and his team, they want to revenge.Let transform into best shinobi and kill many enemies to get highest score.Very easy to play but addictive game. - Tap left/right to attack - Use skills to kill group of enemies - Use kunai to kill enemy at a distance.If you like this, please comment and review to show your opinions so that we can make better games.For any contribution, please feel free to contact us via email: maivt1534@gmail.comLike our naruto fanpage to get more information and tips about game play: fun!!

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*** Do not re-upload the mods without asking me. Be aware!

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