[ROOT] Modding Android games on your own!


Hi guys,
I am going to write a tutorial on how to mod a SIMPLE GAME on your ROOTED Android phones.
I repeat, this method is only apply on SIMPLE GAMES, and not all simple games are modded by this way. You will need to discover by yourself.


  • Your rooted Android phone + a file browser.
  • The game you want to mod. Of course, it must be an offline game.
  • Determine stuff in the game which is going to modded.

Here we go:

  1. First, you need to know what are going to be modded. You will open the game and see the stuff such as: coins, gold, diamonds, jewels, etc. and look at the current numbers of them.
  2. Next step is to open a file browser (ES file explorer, etc.) and go to this direction: data/app to know the name of the package. You can know its name by many other ways. Just ask Dr.Google about this. LOL
  3. Once you have known the name of the package, you will next go to data/data/nameofthepackage >> shared_prefs, and open the file which contains the things to mod. Mostly, the needed file has the same name as the name of the package (com.xxx)
  4. Change the numbers and remember to save the file.
  5. Re-open the game and you will see what you have just done. You are the KING now, LOL

For you guys to easier to do, I had made a tutorial video on Youtube. Just watch it and... enjoy modding!

This tutorial is made by OfflineMods.Net. Just leave a credit to us and you are free to share!


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