Escape or Imprison Mod



Police snipers and guards are equipped with modern weapons. If you try to escape, they will not hesitate to shoot you.
This is not just a jailbreak, but a battle for survival. In order to survive, you must use your stealth skills in this particular mission.
Kill the police guards before shooting and pick up their modern weapons to fight back.
This is what your success depends on.
Escape or Imprison?
- Amazing and destructive gameplay.
- Realistic physical effects
- Amazing visual effects and BGM.
- Funny actions!
- Find tips and clues as much as you can
- Complete challenging escape missions.
In the escape process, you will face a lot of shooting, so be prepared to aim and shoot accurately and quickly.
Use melee weapons or just fight if necessary. Be prepared to execute your big prison escape plan and kill the corruptive police who are trying to stop you.
The police are equipped with a variety of modern weapons and can also call helicopters to search for fugitives.
Challenge yourself in this fun and fascinating escape game.

Information and Requirements


*** Credit for the mod: TigerOMs (offlinemods)

*** Don't modify the toast to make it yours. If you are about to leech this mod without leaving a credit then...f*ck you, leechers!

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