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About this game

Tower of Hero: Conquer Epic Dungeons with Your Mighty Army

Tower of Hero throws you into a thrilling adventure where you build a vast army of heroes and conquer towering dungeons filled with monstrous enemies. Unleash your strategic prowess and witness the sheer joy of commanding countless warriors in epic battles.

Here's what makes Tower of Hero stand out:
  • Assemble a Mighty Force: Recruit over 100 unique heroes, each with distinct abilities and strengths. Craft the perfect army composition to overcome any challenge and witness the sheer spectacle of hundreds of heroes fighting side-by-side.
  • Strategize for Victory: Devise cunning tactics to utilize your heroes' unique abilities and exploit enemy weaknesses. Position your troops effectively, unleash powerful skills, and witness the battlefield come alive with your strategic brilliance.
  • Endless Dungeon Delving: Explore countless dungeons, each offering unique challenges and rewards. Progress through various floors, battling ever-stronger foes and unveiling the secrets hidden within.
  • Gear Up for Glory: Equip your heroes with powerful weapons and armor to enhance their abilities and watch them dominate the battlefield in style.
  • Experience the Thrill: Immerse yourself in the excitement of large-scale battles, witness stunning visuals and animations as your heroes unleash their attacks, and savor the satisfaction of conquering each challenging dungeon.

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Mod Info

  • Package: com.Tatsuki.Tower
  • Require: Android 5.1+
  • Version: 2.1.2
  • Mod feature(s): Infinite crystals.
  • File size: 37.55 MB

Credit to OfflineMods.Net

Don't change the toast to make this yours. Thanks!

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