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About this game

Survive the Night:
  • Craft Your Way to Safety: Gather resources, mine for materials, and craft tools, weapons, and shelter to survive the harsh environment and fend off nighttime zombie attacks.
  • Build Your Base: Construct a fortified haven to protect yourself from the undead hordes. Strategically place walls, traps, and even towers to ensure your survival.
  • Manage Your Needs: Keep tabs on your hunger, thirst, and body temperature to stay alive. Hunt, gather water, and build fires to maintain your health and well-being.
Embrace the Challenge:
  • Five Diverse Environments: Explore and adapt to different landscapes, each with unique challenges and resources. From scorching deserts to lush forests, prepare for varied survival experiences.
  • Boss Battles: Test your skills against powerful zombie bosses at the end of each environment. Be strategic and well-equipped to emerge victorious.
  • Multiple Difficulty Modes: Choose between Normal and Hard difficulty to personalize your gameplay experience. Test your limits and see how long you can survive the toughest settings.

Mine Survival offers a classic survival experience with a zombie twist, perfect for mobile gamers who enjoy crafting, base building, and resource management. However, be prepared for some repetitive gameplay and potential pay-to-win elements.

So, should you dig into Mine Survival? If you're looking for a casual and accessible survival game with a zombie twist, it's worth a try. However, if you prefer deeper mechanics and a less grindy experience, you might want to explore other options.

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Mod Info

  • Package: com.WildSoda.MineSurvival
  • Require: Android 5.0+
  • Version: 2.5.3
  • Mod feature(s):
    • Infinite credits.
    • Infinite rubies.
  • File size: 79.80 MB

Credit to OfflineMods.Net

Don't change the toast to make this yours. Thanks!

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