Devil Eater: Counter Attack to guard your soul Mod



'...After Elise's death, I have been cursed...
Now is the time to hunt them back...with the dark power from the curse...'
Punish down the evils with cursed demonic force and duel pistols!
You must continue to kill evils to guard your soul against demonic force taking over you...
[Game Features]
Punish the devils and purify 5 cities!
◈ Sensitive action system
Counter Attack: Counter the enemy's attack by guarding JUST in time!
SkillShot: Bust away the devils in a sweep!
◈ Selective leveling:
- Train your hunter: Train hunter and upgrade various offensive/defensive skills and speed!
- Weapon Shop: Variety of demonic pistols with different skills!
- Buy costumes with Skills!
◈The Ultimate Boss:
- Meet Baal, the ultimate boss on 400 kills
- Finally, you'll find out what happened with Elise

Information and Requirements


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*** Credit for the mod: TigerOMs (offlinemods)

*** Don't modify the toast to make it yours. If you are about to leech this mod without leaving a credit then...f*ck you, leechers!

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