Jungle Counter Attack: US Army Commando Strike FPS Mod



Jungle Counter Attack US Army Commando Strike FPS game is based on enemy critical strike on the border area of your homeland. The enemies just occupied the entire army jungle area of your territory & all strategic positions for the strong counter attack. You as the US army commando shooter & jungle army wars commando have a call of duty commando on your wireless phone from military brigade head to accomplish this tactical shooting mission. As an elite commando of US Army, you are leading your royal battle squad to move through the rival territory to eliminate terror threats by surviving all enemy strike & surgical strikes in this one of the best 3D FPS sniper shooting games 2019. You have all army arsenals like powerful sniper rifles, guns, automatic assault rifles & modern warfare to encounter with enemies & counter strike them all on the unknown battleground as ultimate survival shooter. Download this new fps game to challenge yourself to survive through a series of US army training missions to complete FPS Battle 2019.
In this unique action army shooter game, navigation radar is added to locate the exact position of the target. All types of shooting like Squad shooting, solo shooting, sniper shooting & RPG shooting is added to this one of the best of first-person shooting games 2019 for android. You can drive the armored vehicle into the enemy base like guardian battle against the invaders with real bullets & free fire shooting to win the FPS shooting battles. This fps commando strike game is the ultimate combination of action and power as you combat your way across the survival shooters battleground. Are you ready to pull the trigger to test your sniper shooting skills.? In this first person shooter game after each enemy soldier kill you can loot his weapons & mid kits to upgrade your shooting skill & to be the last survival shooter across the deadly jungle army battleground in the case of shortage in army arsenal supply. In this Anti-terrorism FPS shooting game, you entered into the battleground 5 as Counter Terrorist Special Ops to spread the peace in the earth. Equipped with modern warfare & well trained enemy soldiers are well aware of your presence on this territory. Sharp sniper shooters are positioned on the army watchtower to observe your movement for sniper counter attacks.
In Jungle Counter Attack US Army Commando Strike FPS all army missions impossible are professionally designed contrary to the typical army shooting games. In this Free Fire shooter game on jungle battleground, you are special ops on a difficult sniper survival mission to survive every strike and trained to fight any fire situation. Rich game events & shooting precision make this new free first person shooting(FPS) game the best of army sniper shooting games. In this best army commando jungle war, a huge arsenal store is added where you can buy new guns or upgrade the previous one. Modern jungle combat guns like AK 47, Mp5, MA4 are added for crossfire. Grenades are also added for creative destruction. In this new free fps action game, your survival is critical at each level to proceed to the next one. In arsenal store of this new trending action game grenades & mid kits are added to heal out yourself during cover strike fire. Challenge your commando adventure shooting skills to accomplish cover strike fire missions in this assault shooting game. This new free action game is accessible to the user of each skill. If you are new to IGI Missions based game like new free army commando adventure shooting then free IGI commando training is added to train you.
Download this jungle army game 2019 to be the Last survival action shooter on the unknown battleground.
Jungle Counter Attack US Army Commando Strike Features
👉 Free fps shooting game 2019
👉 A lot of Army Commando Missions
👉 3D jungle environment for best shooting
👉 Best Jungle army shooting game
👉 A lots of sniper missions
👉 Mobile optimized graphics & Game play

Information and Requirements


*** Credit for the mod: TigerOMs (offlinemods)

*** Don't modify the toast to make it yours. If you are about to leech this mod without leaving a credit then...f*ck you, leechers!

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