Magician's Apprentice Mod



The Dark Lord is about to resurrect, and the Devil's Minions are ready to act. Defeat powerful enemies with magic. In battle, we learn powerful magic to resist the enemy's constant attack and challenge a variety of monsters with different magic combinations.
Simple style, simple gameplay, simple but fun experience. The experience of each game is different.
Different styles of game scenes, unique monsters and BOSS.
Rich game rewards and an exciting upgrade experience.
Game features:
1. One-finger game, you can save the world with one finger.
2. You can learn hundreds of magic, and a rich combination of magic can challenge a variety of powerful enemies.
3. Challenge endless game levels, hundreds of unique monsters and powerful bosses.
4. A powerful weapon helps the magician fight better. Unlock more fun mode with upgrades.

Information and Requirements


*** Credit for the mod: ?

*** Don't modify the toast to make it yours. If you are about to leech this mod without leaving a credit then...f*ck you, leechers!

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