Mod Info:

  • Requirement: Android 4.4+
  • Current version: 1.0.41
  • Mod:
    • Extreme High Critrate.
    • High Attackspeed.
    • High Movespeed.
  • Size: 48.8 MB
  • Internet: Yes
  • Root: NO.
  • Obb: NO.

Preview video:

Some images in the game:

Easy and exciting play that can be played immediately
Grow fast and annihilate your enemies without unnecessary play.
Save thousands of fascinating talkative hero characters from around the world
Join our team and grow.
Heroes run hard even while the game is off.
■ Game Features
-Character growth beyond expectations
  It's surprisingly strong.
-Fast hit, strong impact
  The best grown character is an attack that fills the screen
  Like a machine gun.
-Easy to play with anyone
  All unnecessary parts of play have been removed.
  All play is very easy and simple to operate.
  If you leave it alone, the play will proceed.
Powerful play
 Manage your character's ratings, levels, and attributes
 Ranged, near, aerial, bomb
 Place strategically and play.
-Attractive characters
 Enjoy more than 20 characters and unique attacks.
-The game is played even when the game is off.
 During the off time based on the characters played until the end
 Collect coins and go on stage.
 However, if you meet the boss,
 Wait for you to play again.
-You can get bonus cash easily.
 You'll get a mission to earn bonus cash every day.
God game of Idle RPG.
Enjoy the new mobile game REWORLD for free right now!
Official Facebook Community:
Official website:
Customer Support:

*** Credit for the mod: DESLOKAT

Don't modify the toast to make it yours. Thanks

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