Use GamePad to control your players in games


Hello guys,

For some cases, games which are conterted from PC version to mobile cannot be played with a normal way. Then you can use GamePad! It is a simple way to control the characters in such games.

I am writing a very simple instruction for you guys to use this application. Let's go!
  • Firstly, you need to install GamePad from Play Store here (There are many other apps which are called Game pad or so, but I am using the one in the link above).
  • After installing it, just launch it and set something up.
    • In step 1, click on the button and ENABLE the GamePad for it to run.

    • Turn back to step 3 and click on the button Go to GamePad Settings. Just scroll down and you can see something you need to change. Pay attention to Button A, B, X, and Y. Then turn Notification ON.
  • Now you are ready to rock. Just Launch the games which need GamePad to control.
You will see an icon of GamePad on your status bar (after turn notification on). Just click on it and you will see the controlling pad on your screen.

Really simple, isn't it?

Enjoy your time!

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