Ninja Fury Mod


Mod Info:

  • Require: Android 4.4+
  • Version: 1
  • Mod feature(s):
    • Unlimited coins.
    • Unlimited lives.
    • Ads removed.
  • File size: 121.9 MB
  • Needs Root: No
  • Needs Obb: No
  • Needs Special Permission: No

Some images in the game:

Can you overcome the obstacles to defeat the evil Shogun? Slide, hop, toss stars, fight — use all your abilities!
Out of the darkness and into the light, you fight to save your loved girl! Imagine: you are a Ninja master, you love your beautiful girl, but a fierce Shogun comes and kidnaps her from the farm. Now it is your mission to rescue her. Don’t be the one to let the evil Shogun get away!
🔥Get ready to meet three mighty bosses including the fierce Shogun.
🔥Travel through different regions throughout your adventure: a beautiful forest, an endless desert and fiery landscapes.
🔥Fight the war using your katana sword, ninja stars, jump and dash stealthily through the air.
🔥Authentic ninja-like options: use Ninja darts to hit the enemy from a distance and dash to move quickly from one place to another.
🔥Original music scores and characters designed by real artists for your immersive experience.
A positively addictive adventure, backed by awesome gameplay and exciting challenges, begins. Ninja Fury will test the spontaneity of your reflexes as you run, rush, slide, dash, scramble, dodge and jump against your enemies!
Conquer the Shogun! Download the best Japanese arcade game now!

*** Credit for the mod: WorldMods.Net

Don't modify the toast to make it yours. Thanks

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