Demon Hunt Knights - Roguelike Mod


Credit: Yunana24

Don't modify the toast to make this yours. Thanks!

Mod Info:

  • Require: N/A
  • Version: 3.0
  • Mod feature(s):
    • Menu.
    • Damage Multiplier.
    • God Mode.
    • Enable permission for storage if you get black screen.
  • File size: 635.9 MB
  • Internet: Yes
  • Needs Root: Yes/No
  • Needs Obb: No
  • Needs Special Permission: No

Some images in the game:

Welcome to Demon Hunt Kinghts! A Stylized pixel roguelike shooting game!
Game Introduction
Demon Hunt Kinghts is a stylized roguelike shooting game. You will explore and fight in the unknown dungeons. Collect hundreds of weapons and treasures, activate cards to build your genre, and defeat the various monsters to save the land!
"Once upon a time there is a mysterious organization with the name Demon Hunting in this glorious broken land, and brought thousands of years of peace. On a quiet night, a meteorite fell to earth, billions of demons emerged from the gap in time and space, killing and enslaving lives indiscr iminately. The peace that lasted for thousands of years no longer existed. Once again, the Demon Hunters stepped forward......"
Are you the brave knight that we've been waiting for?
Game Features
■ Mage, Archer, Assassin, and Warrior with different talents, train them to boost power!
■ Exciting shoot'em up, easy joystick control to enjoy intensive combat.
■ Randomly generated dungeons to explore. Various enemies, secret rooms with mystery events and hidden shops, enjoy super duper fun!
■ A unique card system to support your fight. Collect cards and activate them to build your own combat genre.
■ 100+weapons and relics. You can always choose the most suitable weapons to equip your roles.
■ Various gameplays, show your power in all dungeons!
The same roguelike, with a different gaming experience. pick up the weapon and conquer the dungeon!
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