Darkside Dungeon roguelike rpg Mod


Credit: Bedo13

Don't modify the toast to make this yours. Thanks!

Mod Info

  • Require: Android 5.1+
  • Version: 1.8
  • Mod feature(s):
    • MOD MENU.
    • Dumb Enemy.
    • Unlimited Gold*.
    • Unlimited Diamonds*.
    • Unlimited Blood Stones*.
    • Get some first to get more, and you can use them after backing to the lobby.
  • File size: 130.0 MB
  • Internet: No
  • Needs Root: No
  • Needs Obb: No
  • Needs Special Permission: No

In-Game images

Welcome to Darkside Dungeon! Immerse yourself in the ultimate RPG and roguelike RPG experience with our pixel RPG game. Prepare to face the darkest dungeon, filled with perilous dangers and glorious rewards. Perfect for fans of the JRPG genre, this game offers you an adventure unlike any other RPG games.
As a roguelike, our game delivers an exciting, unpredictable journey. Navigate through the dungeons, make strategic decisions, and develop your characters' abilities as you meet unique monsters and face challenging bosses. This offline RPG is designed to give you a rich, engaging gameplay even without internet connectivity.
Darkside Dungeon boasts key features like:
Immersive RPG gameplay: A detailed storyline and characters development system, akin to a true JRPG.
Roguelike mechanics: With random generated dungeons and permadeath, every playthrough is a unique experience.
Offline play: Enjoy the thrill of our pixel RPG anywhere, anytime.
Stunning pixel art graphics: The pixel JRPG genre is brought to life with meticulous, atmospheric art style.
In-depth combat system: Master a range of abilities and tactics to overcome your foes.
Challenge yourself in the darkest dungeon, uncover secrets, gather rare items, and enhance your characters' abilities. You control your story, defining your heroes’ destiny and ultimately conquering the Darkside Dungeon.
Step into our roguelike RPG world and prove your mettle. Download Darkside Dungeon today and embark on the ultimate RPG adventure.
Darkside Dungeon, where JRPG meets roguelike. Your epic pixel RPG adventure awaits!
■ Farming Focused RPG
- Over 1000+ Gears Collect & Upgrade
- 50+ Attributes Combination
- Sockets and Carving Jewels
- Various Magical Skills
■ 12 Classes of Heroes
- STR/DEX/INT Stat Strategy
- Awakening and so forth
ⓒ StepaMobile. All rights reserved.

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