How to install Magisk on VPhoneGaga - VM App? (VIP only)


Dream come true, Magisk for non-root phones. The Virtual Machine called VPhoneGaga officially support Magisk but it is for VIP only. However, you can use the modded apk (VIP apk) HERE!

Please read the tutorial carefully to make it work! ;)

Start VPhoneGaga. Tap on the floating VPhoneGaga logo and open settings

Go to Magisk Setting and enable Magisk

Go to Root Setting and enable Root

Restart VPhoneGaga
In VPhoneGaga, install your desired web browser. Download latest Magisk APK from official github repo Releases · topjohnwu/Magisk and install it
Open Magisk app, tap Install. Choose Direct Install (Recommended) and tap Let's go

When installation done, tap on the floating VPhoneGaga logo and open Settings again. Don't press reboot directly, it will get stuck forever!
Go to Root Setting and disable root. Restart VPhoneGaga

Magisk should be working now. Enjoy. You can enable Zygisk later in Magisk settings

If Zygisk still says "No" after enabling it, try to install any modules and reboot Vphonegaga. It should say "Yes"

If you cannot understand the steps above then just watch this tutorial video:

Now you can enjoy using Magisk/Root on your unrooted phone!
Again, please read/watch the tutorial carefully to make everything works. We are not reponsible for any mistakes you have!

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