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About this game

Calling all stealth game enthusiasts! Get ready to unleash your inner thief in Robbery Bob - King of Sneak by Chillingo. This fun and lighthearted mobile game puts you in the shoes of Bob, a not-so-agile professional robber, on a series of hilarious heists.

Loot Like a Legend (or Not):
  • Masterful Missions: Infiltrate luxurious mansions, navigate past security guards and overcome cleverly placed traps to pilfer valuable loot.
  • Think Like a Thief: Utilize Bob's unique skills and gadgets to outsmart guards, sneak past security systems, and escape unnoticed.
  • Laughs Guaranteed: Experience the comedic charm of the game's quirky characters, witty dialogue, and slapstick humor.
A Hilarious Heist:
  • Free to Play: Enjoy the core gameplay experience without spending a dime.
  • Multiple Levels: Embark on a series of increasingly challenging heists across various locations, each requiring clever tactics and quick thinking.
  • Upgrades for Hire: Enhance Bob's thieving skills with optional in-app purchases, allowing you to tackle tougher challenges.
Overall, Robbery Bob - King of Sneak is a lighthearted and entertaining stealth game with a touch of humor. With its easy-to-learn mechanics, quirky characters, and multiple levels, this game offers a fun and casual heist experience.

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