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About this game

Calling all space commanders! Transmute 2: Space Survivor by Gcenter is here to reignite your passion for space exploration and epic battles. This sequel to the popular Transmute: Galaxy Battle ups the ante with fiercer enemies, more strategic challenges, and a relentless fight for survival in the vast expanse of space.

Command Your Fleet:
  • Dual Fighter System: Deploy two spaceships simultaneously, each with unique strengths, to dominate the battlefield and adapt to ever-changing threats.
  • Master Diverse Enemies: Strategize your attacks against a variety of opponents, each requiring distinct tactics for ultimate victory. Conquer challenging boss battles that will test your piloting skills.
  • Endless Progression: Dive into a multitude of constantly updated levels, each brimming with challenges that will push your strategic thinking and reflexes to the limit.
A Universe in Peril:
  • Customize Your Arsenal: Upgrade and personalize your spaceships with a vast array of weaponry and auxiliary equipment, creating the ultimate fleet for space dominance.
  • Unveiling the Mystery: Explore a captivating narrative as you uncover the secrets behind the monstrous threats plaguing the galaxy.
  • Immersive Space Opera: Lose yourself in breathtaking visuals and high-quality sound effects that bring the vastness and danger of space to life.
Overall, Transmute 2: Space Survivor delivers a thrilling and strategic space shooter experience. With its dual fighter system, diverse enemies, and a captivating narrative, this game offers endless space battles and the chance to become a legendary space commander.

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